28 November 2005

Two News Items

Both involve Republicans. And one's a biggie, happening not too far from me.

Congressman Duke Cunningham of northern San Diego County, a Vietnam War veteran, has just resigned from his position, charged with taking $2.4 million worth of bribes from defense contractors. He may get up to 10 years in prison.

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And W is in Tucson, pushing his immigration plan. The guest worker program creates instant supply of slave labor for the corporations, and by limiting the workers to a six-year stay in the US, exploits them without giving them the benefits of the American society in return. I am very sure that for certain nationalities that tend to be pro-Republican and socially conservative, like the Nicaraguans, there are some amnesty and other backroom deals being worked out. I am not liking any of these developments on immigration; neither the guest worker program nor the backroom deals will do ANYTHING to solve the core problems in the US immigration policy.

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