14 December 2005

Ford reverses itself

I've just read that Ford will once again advertise in the gay media. And this time, ALL Ford brands - including Ford, Lincoln, and Mercury - will be advertised, not just premium foreign brands.

Washington Post also says Ford's corporate sponsorship of gay organizations will continue.

I'll believe this when I see actual results. I won't be walking back into a Ford showroom anytime soon, but this is a start.

In the meantime, the American Family Association - a fringe group no more family-friendly nor influential than the KKK of the 1960s - has been handed a huge defeat.

Progressive message boards are remarking that Ford would, and should, rather do business with affluent urban gay professionals than with the religious fanatics in the boondocks. This only makes business sense, for a company that needs a serious turnaround very soon.

Washington Post article