14 December 2005

Playing Politics

Since I am running this blog as primarily a political blog, and since I have such a huge interest in the political process, it is only appropriate that I play a game fitting those interests.

I've found such a game at NationStates. The game is based on Max Barry's novel Jennifer Government, which I will need to read down the line. For now though, I created a nation, made some political decisions for it, and am seeing how they play out. I need to make one decision every weekday by default, but I've sped that up to two every calendar day. (I can also go on vacation and stop making decisions for up to 60 days.)

In my nation, aptly named "Saint Ally," the national animal is the dancing baby, and the currency is, of course, the McBeal. Due to my last four decisions, prisoners are forced to donate blood, lack of dams cause floods, abortions are legal and routine, and the society runs as a meritocracy. The average income tax rate soared to 78% due to a flurry of new government programs, but taking a more libertarian/neoliberal approach is bringing it down. Fortunately, those tax revenues have gone to good use, improving education and welfare, and keeping crime down.

This is a very revealing game about political decisions. And I urge everyone to play it.

NationStates / Saint Ally