12 December 2005

First Ford, then now Samsung

I've posted quite a bit about Ford lately, much of that a result of my own frustrations with my 1999 Contour. Soon after I started learning about less than savory things about Ford, its lobbyists, and its key customers, my Contour started to fail for no reason.

Now that I learned about Samsung's anti-labor tactics while visiting South Korea last month, my Tijuana-assembled Samsung TV, purchased at the beginning of the year, decided to do the same. Its speakers are failing, an appalling fact considering that my particular model's strength was its speaker system.

I still have warranty remaining on this set, though it only covers parts now. I will see if repairing will be an option. Otherwise, I will need to buy another TV set; this time, it will be an LCD model, and definitely from a company with better labor rights records.