12 December 2005

Riots in Sydney, Australia

Sydney suburbs are seeing a serious amount of violence, due to alleged assault on beach lifeguards by men believed to be of Middle Eastern descent.

I am reminded that until recently, Australia operated on a "whites only" policy, meaning that nonwhites, virtually all recent arrivals except for the Aborigines, are still not welcome by much of the society. And it does not help that the current Australian politics is treading hard right, with Prime Minister John Howard being little more than W's puppet; his politics (and committing Australian troops to the Iraq war) have caused resentment among Arabs and Muslims, while he encouraged white racism.

It's sad to see Australia degenerate into the same level that much of the United States has already fallen to. And considering that Howard has just been re-elected last year, I don't see much of a hope in the people of Australia either, despite some wonderful people such as Rossiann in Brisbane (whose blog I link to and read).

The Guardian article