12 December 2005

Political correctness at play again

Former gang leader, Crips founder, and convicted murderer Tookie Williams will most likely be executed tonight. Many death penalty opponents have geared up to try to save his life, citing his work against gang violence and for neighborhood peace that he has done from his jail cell. There is even talk that some of the evidence used to convict Williams may not have been up to par.

I rightfully pointed out, on the lesbian community Fallen Goddess, that the immigrant communities seem to be supporting his execution, and the death penalty in general, given that executions are legal and routine in their Third World homelands. Depending on which political side one is on, executions are even seen as a quick and easy way to get rid of those pesky political dissidents.

But just as the male-to-female transgender community is steeped in male mentalities and reactionary politics, the lesbian community suffers from an overdose of political correctness. My comments are not being received very well by some, even though I made my comments based on my own experience and observations. Well, sorry, but as long as this mentality prevails, the lesbian community will only keep scratching its collective head as the immigrant conservatives continue to ram through hostile legislations - like the gay marriage ban. They are right to point out that the primary problem is the W regime, but the W regime doesn't work in a vacuum; in fact, it's rigging the immigration system in its favor all the time.

Denying rampant hatred and bigotry in the immigrant and minority communities will do no good. A much better solution would be to acknowledge its existence, and find out ways to work with the communities involved - or around them.

UPDATE: The situation has been resolved.