01 January 2006

Greeting the New Year

Between the renovation of my living quarters and a nasty cold, I haven't been able to blog, or participate in my usual online activities.

But 2005, a year that started in the doldrums but ended well for me, is now history. Now, 2006 is here.

I want to continue the political activities that have kept my head up in my current neighborhood, where people continue to worship the world's most dangerous outlaw/terrorist, and the mean patriarchal God that guides him.

I also want to continue my work on my novel, which has been sidetracked by the cold and the home renovations. It is one of the few ways I can express my feelings and meet people who appreciate them. I hope I will be able to finish the novel.

I will see if I can turn the potential opportunities I explored in Korea back in November, into solid sources of income.

There are so many things lying ahead of me in 2006. I want to turn these into a great year that accomplishes a lot. And as I enter my 30s, I want to establish a life for myself, something that's next to impossible to do in the conservative suburbs.

Happy new year.