03 January 2006

Jack Abramoff pleads guilty

The Republicans' master lobbyist, Jack Abramoff, is pleading guilty to charges of conspiracy, tax evasion, and mail fraud. He will face up to 30 years in prison, but he will now be able to cooperate with the authorities in digging up further dirt in the W regime and the Republican Party.

This, along with the indictment of Libby, puts a serious dent in the Republican image of morality. The Republican culture of corruption is what enabled someone like W to take over the entire federal government, and build a police state around it. Now, W's empire is about to fall apart at its weakest link - corrupt lobbyists and officials.

I expect more Republicans to fall prey as their improper ties to the likes of vote-manipulating Diebold and other outside influences are uncovered. But justice won't be served until W and Cheney themselves are forced out of the White House in handcuffs - and their followers in my neck of the woods are silenced by the truth.

Again, if staining a blue dress is grounds for impeachment, so is the scandal unfolding now - in fact, grounds for much more than just impeachment.

USA Today article