01 February 2006

Democratic Underground removed

I've removed Democratic Underground from the links section of this blog.

The overzealous censors at DU decided that my innocuous observations - that nonwhite cultures tend to be more homophobic than "live-and-let-live" white liberals - constituted racism.

No wonder the progressives keep losing. While they try to cover everybody in a huge bubble of political correctness, they are destroyed from within by immigrant pro-Republican homophobes such as the Cubans and the Koreans. And all they can do is scratch their head and wonder what happened.

I withdrew my $35 contribution from DU, and will send it to the Democracy Cell Project instead. And I will not let them dictate what to say, and will certainly not let them cripple me in my fight against ethnic homophobia, which is even more dangerous than white homophobia because it's less noticeable.