01 February 2006

Christian Tyranny - and BMW

Everyone knows I love BMWs. I've loved them for as long as I can remember, I loved test-driving them at every opportunity, and when the time came, I leased one. And it's been two years - and my 3-series is a wonderful machine. Until today, the plan has been to get another one when the lease on the current one is up, and pick it up in Munich.

But seeing how the Christo-fascist machine is doing damage to the American society, how Pope Benedict is part of it, and how much BMW loves Pope Benedict (who is also Bavarian), I don't know if I can go buy another BMW in good conscience anymore.

Benedict has downplayed the compassionate side of the Christian agenda, pushing forward a more "fire and brimstone" agenda that specifically targets women and gays. With this kind of leadership in the Catholic church, any friend of such an evil institution - including BMW - is suspect at best as *my* friend. Sure, BMW has supported women's causes such as the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation and its Drive for a Cure, but when it also supports Benedict and gives him free X5s, all of this becomes suspect at best. And gaywheels.com names BMW a homophobic car company, right alongside Hyundai (beholden to the Korean-American fascists) and Nissan.

As I see the Christian tyranny continue with the confirmation of Alito and W's homophobic agenda, I will do anything that will help weaken and destroy it. And if buying a super-efficient Honda Civic Hybrid instead of a BMW 3-series will help out, by giving fewer dollars to the oil companies and keeping money away from evil Benedict, so be it. My vanity will surely suffer, but there are more important things than vanity. As for performance, "downgrading" to a Civic will mean that I'll miss it - but it's hardly necessary on Los Angeles' jampacked streets and freeways anyway. And if choosing something other than a BMW will mean that I will not make that trip to Munich, so be it; religious right-wingers in Bavaria are no better than their American counterparts, and don't deserve my tourist dollars.

And if buying a cheap car instead of a BMW will help me save more money so that I'll be able to leave the fascist Diamond Bar hellhole sooner, that may be the most beneficial change of all.

I haven't ruled out the BMW completely, I admit. However, today, it's a much less attractive option than it used to be.