01 February 2006

Recent developments

I stayed away from the blog, fed up over the confirmation of Samuel Alito to the Supreme Court, and last night's "State of the Union" speech. The Democrats who voted for the filibuster of Alito have my respect and support, including both of my Senators. The Democrats who didn't... well, no thanks.

I am officially leaving the Democratic Party, and re-registering as a "decline to state." In California, "Independent" often means American Independent, the California arm of the far-right Constitution Party, which pulls more support than Democrats in many parts of Orange County. In the meantime, the DCCC will not get the $150 I pledged; it will get a torn-up Democratic voter registration card instead. A wimpy, ineffective, cowardly institution like today's Democratic Party does not deserve my support. If it wants my support, it must clarify its positions, and get rid of such figures as Republican Lite Joe Lieberman (and Zell Miller), as well as homophobes Tim Kaine and Stephanie Herseth.

In the meantime, Cindy Sheehan was arrested while protesting lawfully at the "State of the Union." Cindy explains the circumstances on TruthOut. Since when has losing a son to a phony war, and being angry about it, been a crime?