23 February 2006

South Dakota bans abortions. Period.

Well, not ALL abortions. Your life has to be in grave danger in order to be allowed one.

If you are raped or become a victim of incest? Too bad. Have the damn kid. It's your fault that you are retarded or slutty enough to let it happen.

This travesty of a law was passed so that legal challenges can begin, culminating in a Supreme Court battle where John Roberts and Samuel Alito will make it easier to get Roe v. Wade overturned.

If life is so precious that it requires protecting from the moment of conception, why not ramp up other aspects of life to prove the point, like providing quality education and healthcare? Or is this just a ruse to make sure that a large slave class will be born intact to serve the needs of W's aristocrats and fight their wars?

The sponsor of this legislation was a DEMOCRAT. South Dakota is also known for its at-large Representative Stephanie Herseth, a homophobic Democrat. Who needs Republicans, when Democrats are doing such a good job of destroying lives of women and gays? This is precisely why DCCC and DSCC, even if they can get John Kerry to beg for my money (as they did in their latest email), will never see a cent of it again. I don't expect every single Democrat to think and act alike, but this is way over the line and completely unacceptable.


P.S. The way things are going, my neocon father gives America about 100 more years before it falls apart and Balkanizes. I won't even give 10 years. We agreed on one thing: being a millionaire will be the only way to survive.