09 May 2006

Fashion Corner

Photo from thesuperficial.com

It's teenage drama queen Lindsey Lohan in the center, with an unnamed friend to her left and her new boyfriend to the right. And her pathetic excuse for an outfit stood out so much, I had to make her a new entry into this new feature.

Back when I was an early teen, this look used to be quite common in school. I might have actually worn the look myself, had I been born a girl in the first place. But then, I'm talking about 1989 to 1990, not 2006. Lindsey was probably not even in grade school back then. Just what made her wear a look from that era is beyond my comprehension.

From the neck up, she actually looks fine, with long brown hair and cute sunglasses. But the rest of her is a disaster. Wearing a thigh-length T-shirt with a wide belt - so 1980s. Wearing a matching-length cardigan - just as 1980s. Wearing white sheer footless tights as an excuse for bottoms - so 1990. (Every time I saw someone do this, I was mighty afraid of an accident - in the form of VPLs or even worse - which indeed happened too often.) Wearing a pair with lace trim and/or runs in them - inexcusable no matter what the era. The flat shoes - better than heels, I guess, but not inspiring at all.

Looks like Lindsey just got out of her boyfriend's bed. But she certainly didn't have to look the part. For starters, she needs a real bottom - maybe she should've borrowed her friend's shorts or leggings. The friend, for that matter, looks just as hideous.

I've been looking at some 1980s-revival fashions, at vendors like Urban Outfitters and elsewhere. I have oversized sweatshirts, leggings, stirrups, and other articles of clothing that definitely hark back to the 1980s. And with this photo, I have a clear-cut example of what NOT to do with those pieces. The key to 1980s revival is to do it in subtle, modern ways, keeping the most iconic of the decade without going overboard or tasteless; by the same token, the key to 1970s revival has proven to be not wearing the most outrageous bellbottoms, but instead wearing the more modern, more subtle bootcut trousers that have dominated the fashion scene for the past several years.

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