12 May 2006

Fashion Corner

Time to throw in another celebrity pic again. And my blog demands a pic of Mariah Carey, given that she was my teeny bopper idol, that she's one of the few celebs I've actually met in person, and that her biggish, chubbyish, wide-shouldered body is closer to my own than the previous two Fashion Corners were.

Photo courtesy of MSN Music

Here's Mariah, from an event sometime last month. Her outfit, at least, is not as overtly obnoxious as the previous two Fashion Corners.

But it won't win any style points (or Grammys) either. I just can't forgive the mess of multiple necklaces that Mariah is wearing. It's just a mess, no more, no less. She needs to keep them simpler, like at most two necklaces that go along with her good-looking earrings.

The black sheer shirt is awful. I don't get the sleeves that extend into being fingerless gloves, and in addition, it reveals too much underneath. Mariah has already had an ill-advised boob job. She doesn't need anything that draws more attention to her oversized boobs, which are screaming for attention even with a black bra.

The capri-length jeans - okay, though on the tight side. It does accentuate Mariah's curves okay, though if she tries to sit down in them, they might accentuate a tad too much. And the heels? Too high for my taste, though Mariah does like to wear those extremely high heels that only a drag queen would dare try to walk in.

I've always liked Mariah's hair, and this time is no exception. Her minimal makeup goes along with this casual setup pretty well.

Overall, an okay outfit, but with plenty of room for improvement.

I'll check back on Mariah in a future installment of Fashion Corner.

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