17 May 2006

Fashion Corner

Even though it's been just one day since my last Fashion Corner, I just had to add this one.

Photo courtesy of Calista Online

Here is my current idol Calista Flockhart, attending an event yesterday at New York's Lincoln Center (that's 5 for 5 for the Big Apple!), to mark the beginning of her new TV drama,
Brothers and Sisters, where she'll be one of the four adult siblings featured. She'll play a Republican talk show host. (Maybe I should change my nickname from Ally McLesbian to Ally McRepuke.)

Calista's fashion strengths shine here, from her always-impeccable hair to the small yet noticeable purse, to of course the suit. Although Calista is best known for the sexy, skimpy miniskirt suits she wore on
Ally McBeal, she's been seen in this black pantsuit more and more lately. I love the satin collar, as well as the cut that is menswear-inspired yet very feminine. The partially unbuttoned black blouse is a great touch, and the pointed heels round out the look.

From the neck up, understated earrings add a touch of class, without detracting from the rest of the setup. Calista looks much younger than her 41 years as well, thanks to minimal makeup - and did I just say great hair?

Calista could wear a rag and still be a fashion icon. And she easily lives up to that reputation in this photo. The pantsuit will definitely cause closet envy among many women, like the
Ally miniskirt suits did in the late 1990s.

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