17 May 2006

Iraqi moral police kills gays on sight

I keep getting disturbing news out of Iraq, where the fundamentalists have infiltrated the new police force and are carrying out Shari'a laws.

Here's an article, which was also posted on the ReBelle Nation blog:


And here is my comment left at that blog. I stand by it; I don't believe in political correctness when a death cult is killing innocent people.

At the risk of sounding like a neocon, I'll make this clear: Islam itself is as evil as religion gets.

From the harsh Shari'a laws, to the honor killings, to being in heaven with 72 maidens (what a sick fantasy, btw) for martyrs, I've never come across a sicker belief system than this. Seriously, name ONE Islamic country that even tolerates (not accepts, but merely tolerates) gays or feminism. There is NONE. Not even "secular" Turkey, which btw should NEVER be allowed to join the European Union.

And remember that it's the Muslims who are testing the tolerance of Europe's live-and-let-live societies, by introducing their sick and deadly brand of intolerance, from homophobia to honor killings.

And this is where I break with the neocons: feeding the bastards like the Saudis, through our oil hunger, is what made Islam such a powerful force - and a sickening, deadly one at that. And as we all know, W is a Saudi puppet.

The sad thing is, fundamentalist American Christianity is not all that far behind Islam in its sickness and death.