07 June 2006

"Learn America's values"

So says W to immigrants.

He needs to really get serious on this, and say that to immigrants who are his allies as well. A good example of such an immigrant would be Reverend Moon of the Unification Church. He is using his backward Korean culture to stifle American individualism and diversity, by, for example, using his puppets such as Senator Sam Brownback of Kansas to get gay marriage banned nationwide. (Fortunately, that failed.)

I can tell you that Korean children do well under authoritarian, strict, monolithic settings. So when Brownback says he needs to ban gay marriage for "the love of our children," it makes sense. But then, he should become a legislator in the South Korean National Assembly, not the United States Senate. He should not be taking orders from a primitive immigrant in order to crush the American spirit of freedom, diversity, and individualism, which have always been the core values for raising America's children.

W is right. Immigrants need to learn America's values. And that includes learning the importance of freedom, diversity, and rugged individualism. And nobody is exempt - not even the Unification Church, which must be required to speak English immediately so that the entire nation can see its evil innards and influence.