05 June 2006

W declares war on a segment of America

That's what I consider his call today for gay marriage ban to be. It's nothing less than a declaration of war against a law-abiding, tax-paying segment of the American population.

W has charged gays with undermining the institutions of family and marriage. He has decreed that the gay community must give up its rights forever, and suffer, in order to advance the civil rights agenda in the United States.

Sounds like the script was written by some right-wing nonwhite who is fed up with the gay community's rising power. Who could it be? Kenneth Blackwell? Some Cuban scumball in Florida? That Korean import by the name of Sun Myong Moon?

I will not tolerate this. A gay marriage is a CIVIL marriage that will have no bearing on the rights of churches to determine who gets married and who don't within their secretive walls. There are lots of abusive, non-exemplary straight couples as well, not to mention those quickie marriages like Britney Spears' 36-hour Vegas marriage. If we need to defend the institution of marriage, ban THEM first - do not declare war on a productive segment of the society to make some primitive foreign bastard happy.

I will not let some primitive Third World culture destroy the individualism and freedom that has made America strong for the past two centuries.