02 June 2006

Fashion Corner

Photo courtesy of The Superficial.com

Mariah Carey is everywhere, with her tour starting soon and all. Time to revisit her, I guess.

This photo comes from Hotel Gansevoort, in New York's Soho district.

My first impression: drag queen. With that skimpy bright minidress, heels so high it's impossible to walk in, and a dog as a fashion accessory, this is nothing short of going for the drag queen look. Mariah's big upper body, a result of her ill-advised boob job, only adds to that feel.

I still remember those early pictures of Mariah, where she was also wearing minidresses, but looked a lot more tasteful. I'm still scratching my head on where she went. Sure, emancipating herself in recent years from the influences of her bosses was a good thing, but did the result have to look this ugly?

I expect to attend one of the stops in her new tour, as I still have a soft spot for some of her early, trademark hits like "Hero." But this reminds me to get the farthest, cheapest seats possible, so that I'll be soaking in the atmosphere without having to stare at the ugly outfits.

UPDATE: I am now scheduled to see Mariah in Las Vegas on September 30th. I'll report on her outfits then.

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