02 July 2006

More in Seattle

Another busy day around the Puget Sound.

My day began with a ferry ride to Bainbridge Island. The ferry was seconds from departing when I drove my car onto it. Thanks to the fog, the Seattle skyline disappeared rather quickly soon after I departed. But I enjoyed the ferry ride, hanging out in the passenger department and having a quick breakfast.

Bainbridge Island was a bit too sleepy for my taste though, so I proceeded to Poulsbo, a Scandinavian town to the north. It was a bit of an improvement, but still too sleepy. The water and mountain views around the towns were very spectacular though!

From Poulsbo, a long drive south brought me to Olympia; I was falling asleep at the wheel, and had to stop for 15 minutes for a nap. I first went to Darby's Cafe for lunch; it was a lovely, funky place full of alternative, LGBT, and progressive posters. I then proceeded to the nearby De Colores Bookstore, where I was greeted by an Argentinian, Alexandro. Gayle's cousin Simon was there, and I briefly talked for a few minutes with the two plus a few customers. Alexandro called up Bob at home, and I proceeded to Bob's place.

Bob, another cousin of Gayle's, was a great man. I also got to meet his wife Griselda, another Argentinian. We first started talking about Gayle - and how I got to know her - then proceeded into progressive politics, life in the Puget Sound area as it compares to California, and lots more. I even got to tour the residence, where I was able to see Simon's room (complete with a Japanese birthday greeting card), not to mention a teenage photo of Gayle! Bob invited me to join his 4th of July party as well.

I wrapped up my day by visiting Tacoma's Museum of Glass, then the Kubota Garden back in Seattle. The museum was too expensive ($10) for a smallish collection, though it did have a great live demonstration of glassmaking. The garden was sizable and free, but not very enjoyable thanks to my shoes - strappy heeled sandals not suitable for heavy walking.

I returned to my hotel to find a rude surprise - my room key stopped working, and had to be re-programmed. But otherwise, this was a good day, with plenty of time to spare for blogging and rest.

Tomorrow, I will return to Seattle, where DiAnne may have another acquaintance for me to meet with; plus, there may be some extra sights worth seeing, either with her or on my own.