02 July 2006

Seattle kickoff

First, I forgot to mention that as I flew into Seattle, I noticed that my flight's first officer was a woman. I like it when women pilots (or any women doing traditionally male occupation) are in control. United Airlines has a lot of women pilots, and I've flown with them quite a bit; it's one reason I keep going back to United, despite the bastard executives.

Now, on to yesterday. I spent an exhausting day, but I am very happy with how it turned out.

The day started in Redmond (I did end up on the eastside after all), where I took a brief tour of the Microsoft campus and also stopped at the Nintendo of America headquarters.

I briefly moved on to the U District, where I stopped by at Zovo Lingerie, featured on the June 2006 issue of In Style as a place where Sarah McLachlan shopped. I picked up a camisole and a pair of leggings. The sales clerk and I briefly discussed the current 1980s revival fashion in the meantime, talking about how the leggings revival popped up out of nowhere - first in California, then on the University of Washington campus. Afterwards, I proceeded to downtown for more shopping, to pick up a few items that will go along with these new purchases.

The Seattle Asian Art Museum stop turned out to be a dud for the most part. However, it was a free admissions day, and I was also led into the museum's auditorium for a free dance performance, which turned out to be a series of Korean traditional dance routines. I also saw a Korean mask dance later on in one of the exhibit halls. It was worth noting that the performers were women, including ones wearing male costumes and playing male roles.

I killed time at the REI flagship store before meeting with Meighan Doherty of Action Northwest for the interview, which went very well. I focused on the peculiarities of coming out as transgender AND lesbian in an ethnic community. As it turned out, Meighan was a member of Fallen Goddess, and we talked about the various members of that community as well.

I wound down by meeting with the Democracy Cell Project member, DiAnne Grieser. After introducing DiAnne and Meighan to each other so that they can work together in the future, DiAnne and I spent time - at the Wildrose lesbian bar, at the Pho Cyclo Vietnamese restaurant on Broadway, and on the streets of Capitol Hill. I was completely exhausted from the unusual heat and the long day though, and had to turn in a bit early. We promised to meet together again, on Monday. In the meantime, we had a very good chat, on Democracy Cell Project, on American and international politics, and on life in general.

Today will be busy again, and I am running late already. Better get dressed and going! Photos will follow when I can get time.