05 July 2006

Seattle recap, Day 2

I took a leisurely Sunday drive, starting with a ferry ride to Bainbridge Island.

This is the Bainbridge Island harbor. It looked great, but I found it not exciting enough.

I drove on to Poulsbo, a nearby Scandinavian town. Everything is Scandinavian-themed, including this street name. It was a bit more upbeat than Bainbridge Island, but still too quiet for me.

This poster in Olympia alerts concerned citizens to the Nazi rally to be held the next day. Although the rally was supposed to be the largest ever in the history of Washington State, it fortunately turned out to be a dud, with the Nazis overwhelmed by the counterprotesters. Nevertheless, the Nazi influence, in nearby states like Idaho, cannot be discounted.

After spending time in Olympia visiting with the Perretz-Rosales family, I moved on to Tacoma's Museum of Glass. This is the only area where photos are allowed; here, live glassmaking demonstration is taking place. Molten glass was being shaped like mud or clay, only more fluidly. Pretty amazing stuff.

A pond in Kubota Garden, which was started in the 1920s by a Japanese immigrant using Northwestern materials and Japanese designs. It deteriorated during his internment during World War II, but eventually saw completion in the 1960s. Upon Kubota-san's death, the garden was given to the City of Seattle, to be enjoyed by residents for free.