10 August 2006

Anna Nalick

What a day.

For the past year or so, I've been awed by an early 20-something singer-songwriter named Anna Nalick, who grew up in Glendora, very close to me. I've repeatedly found myself listening to her on my iPod many times - whether I was cruising the streets of Glendora or finding myself half a world away.

I just came back from an evening at The Grove in Los Angeles, where I was able to catch a free concert featuring her, then meet with her afterwards and get an autograph. She was pleased to know that I first started listening to her because of her "local girl" reputation.

I will write a detailed concert report and upload it to Epinions.com in the morning. (I'll probably get around to scanning the autograph too.) But for now, I'll relish in the thought that this was my second-ever face-to-face meeting with a recording artist, and unlike the last time (Mariah Carey in 1994 in NYC), I walked away with a good chat AND a photo, in addition to the autograph. And again, she's a local girl for me - making this all the more special.

EDIT: Autograph scan is now added.