08 August 2006

Joe Lieberman loses primary

In Connecticut, good news has just trickled in.

The Democrats of the state finally had enough of Senator Joe Lieberman's schmoozing to the W regime, and chose anti-W, anti-war businessman Ned Lamont as their candidate to succeed him. This was a campaign with nationwide ramifications, as it was going to define the party's future direction.

The margin, at 52%-48%, was too thin for comfort, and Lieberman is vowing to run as an independent, splitting the electorate and possibly handing the seat to a Republican candidate.

But the Democrats have spoken. They are fed up with their party schmoozing to W on too many levels, and Lieberman was the poster child for the spineless leadership of the party. I hope this serves notice to the rest of the party politicians, including my own, Dianne Feinstein, who also supports W's misadventures.

Lieberman was a good man on many fronts, including his support for civil rights and universal healthcare. I was more than happy to vote for his ticket when he was Al Gore's running mate in 2000. But when the evidence is clear that W's Middle East policies are less about America and more about his oil cronies, blindly deferring to W and being his parrot was the death knell for him - and it should indeed be. Lieberman is concerned with security for Israel, and uses it as justification for supporting W; but he, Israel, and the Jewish community must remember that W is supporting Israel for Christian reasons, and has nothing to offer to the Jews.