07 September 2006

Disney's Propaganda

ABC, owned by the Disney Company, is planning to air a "documentary" on the fifth anniversary of the 9/11 attacks, based on the "findings of the 9/11 Commission."

Problem is, the contents are all about smearing the Clinton administration, and praising the W response. The contents differ so much from the findings of the Commission that to call it based on them would be an outright lie.

This is the most blatant partisan meddling by the media in American history. Progressives and others are up in arms over the programming, which has since been renamed a "docudrama" then simply "drama" with disclaimers. Yet it is still misleading enough that it should never be aired at all. ABC may have its free speech rights, but its broadcast license is contingent on responsible content.

I am also reminded that Walt Disney was your typical rabid reactionary Southern California Republican. His main financier, Bank of America, is another rabidly Republican company. I am utterly fed up with the reactionary politics, cultures, and religions of this so-called blue state that is, in real life, bleeding red.

If this travesty airs, I will cancel my cable TV service, and throw away my Samsung. And I will also be taking down Calista Flockhart posters, over her role (as a Republican talk show host, at that) in Brothers and Sisters, which is on ABC.

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