10 September 2006

Nickname dropped

ABC has gone ahead and aired its propaganda piece tonight. Tomorrow, it will continue to air - and will be interrupted by a special speech from W himself.

And in two weeks, Calista Flockhart will star on another ABC show as a right-wing talk show host.

No words can describe how incensed I am. I am dropping my long-used nickname, Ally McLesbian, as a protest against ABC/Disney, Calista Flockhart, and Fox. A variation of the nickname, Ally McRepuke, will continue to be used as a form of displeasure, but it will have to go eventually too.

I am also dropping Calista Flockhart from my favorite links section as well.

Dictators of the past, including Stalin, have repeatedly said that those who control the information control the truth. And I am very well reminded of it tonight; the reactionary Disney version of 9/11 will now stand as the truth, in the Orwellian world of W.