15 October 2006

A flashback to the past

Under the W regime, America is hardly recognizable as the guardian of democracy and land of promise that it once was. But just six years ago, it was different.

Today in 2000, I was in the midst of my honeymoon with America - a road trip covering 6,000 miles in 11 western states over two weeks. Specifically, I was in South Dakota, visiting Mt. Rushmore, a memorial to four Presidents that symbolize four different aspects of American history and ideals, before moving on to the University of Wyoming to meet a friend. The rest of the trip covered the natural - including such national parks as Yellowstone and Grand Canyon - as well as the man-made, including Seattle and Los Angeles.

Given the blatantness of the reactionary politics today (South Dakota is now known for its draconian abortion ban), I don't think I'll ever bring myself to do another road trip like this, ever again. Maybe the only exception will be the US portions of a long drive to/from/within Canada - even though it will most likely include Alberta, the most reactionary province in Canada. And given that I will continue to be represented by reactionary Republicans at all levels of the government (except the US Senate) - in fact, my Congressman has no opposition from Dems and minor parties alike - I don't feel much hope.