19 October 2006

Xenophobic threats sent by an immigrant

This ridiculous story actually happened in Orange County, where reactionary politics rules - and so do reactionary immigrant groups, especially the Vietnamese.

A Vietnamese-born candidate for Congress, Republican Tan Nguyen, is now accused of sending threatening letters to 14,000 Democratic Latinos, warning them that attempting to vote as an illegal or an immigrant will get them deported.

The problem is that these Latinos are legal and naturalized - and naturalized immigrants can legally vote, like Nguyen himself.

Nguyen is in an uphill battle against incumbent Democrat Loretta Sanchez. Nguyen should have been running under a more "American" name, instead of a Vietnamese name, if he truly wanted to court the xenophobic vote. Or maybe the Orange County conservatives do consider the Vietnamese to be their darlings after all.

I am reminded that reactionary immigrant pockets are a bad thing, even for fellow immigrants who are looking for an honest slice of the American dream.