01 January 2007

Ringing in the New Year

As scheduled, I rang in the new year at the sold-out CodePink party in San Francisco. Definitely a breath of fresh air compared to the reactionary Southern California politics that I am used to.

A sad milestone has just come and gone while I was partying. American casualties in Iraq have reached 3,000, and there will be a vigil at noon today at Golden Gate Bridge. It's a shame that I won't make it, as I need to get on the road and return home.

Medea Benjamin, one of the founders of CodePink, is being interviewed by CBS 5. Fox 2 also interviewed her, and asked her if progressives knew how to party too. What an insulting question - so typical of Fox.

I spoke briefly with Medea, handing her the TruthOut article on the Moonies.

People are partying as a band named The Average Dykes rings in the new year.
Zeum was getting very crowded!

Here I am, shortly after midnight, wearing my "CodePink" coat.

Here is to a wonderful 2007.