11 January 2007

War Escalated

W decided that he wants to be The Decider again, deciding with utter disregard for the findings of the Iraq Study Group and voices of the American public.

Despite calls for phased troop withdrawal, W will instead increase American military presence in Iraq by over 20,000. All this, to continue to ruin a country whose social fabric was torn apart by America's very presence.

I see this development in two different ways. First, W is determined to occupy Iraq as long as possible, parading his puppet al-Maliki around, and fatten special interest contractors (such as Halliburton) and the oil companies. Second, more American manpower in Iraq will allow W to start a war against Syria or Iran at the slightest hint of a provocation, probably staged. After all, defense contractors need their money, and war is the way to make them some money.

I am currently shopping for health insurance, and have been let down by the inability to get insured for "prior conditions." The US remains the only country in the world that can afford universal healthcare, but can't offer it, because it smells more money in making wars and killing innocent people. This needs to be overturned. The Democratic takeover of Congress is one promising development, and I will make sure that the Democrats will push for eventual American withdrawal from Iraq, leaving Iraq in the hands of the Iraqis themselves, and re-direction of the budget toward healthcare and other perks that American people can actually benefit from as a whole. Instead of a death industry, we need a life industry.