23 January 2007

The US loses its goodwill

Of course, this is old news. All the goodwill that the US had post-September 11th has evaporated long ago.

And when it is so difficult to travel to/within the US for foreign visitors, starting with paying $100 (US dollars only, no local equivalents) just to apply for a visa, these travelers won't leave happy. The US is the least tourist-friendly nation on earth, according to a survey of travelers from 16 nations (though the article below doesn't identify which nations). Not surprising for a nation that refuses to run a tourist bureau and has a strong dislike for pictorial signs, and where speaking a foreign language is considered a sign of weakness. (Remember that some refused to support Senator John Kerry for President because, well, he speaks some French.)


There was also a poll posted yesterday at the BBC website, which covered 25 nations, on America's positive/negative role in world affairs. Just about everybody, except Nigeria with its primitive moral laws and maybe Kenya and the Philippines, considered the US a negative influence, especially in its handling of the Middle East. South Americans and most Europeans were extremely vocal about their dislike for the US government and policies.


In any case, one thing is clear to me. The US must transition from its burgeoning death industry (war, violence, energy overuse, and denial of healthcare) to a true life industry, if it ever wants to be liked again (or even matter at all) in the bigger world.