22 January 2007

Sanctity of Life? Mean it!

Every January 19, which is the anniversary of the Roe v. Wade decision that legalized first trimester abortions in America, the W regime marks what it calls of the National Sanctity of Human Life Day. W, and other conservatives such as the Moonie puppet Sam Brownback, repeatedly call for a culture of life, joined by the Secretary of Faith, Pope Benedict.

However, "culture of life" is the last thing that can describe the United States of America and the Vatican. There is a huge amount of obsession with unborn fetuses, yet once they are born, they are on their own. There is no collective effort in ensuring the best possible family and social environment for the children to grow up in, and eventually become productive citizens. Schools are in disarray thanks to repeated education cuts, and many of the nation's youth are cut down by violence.

Even once they grow up into adults, they have to deal with the fact that healthcare is either too expensive or simply not available. They say 18,000 Americans die annually due to lack of healthcare, and I consider it a severe undercount. Remember that there are people like me, who can pay for a decent insurance policy, but can't get one, due to so-called "pre-existing conditions." I can (in fact, I have to) insure my car, but I can't insure myself, and that just shows the priorities of the American society.

And the US has a burgeoning death industry, in the form of oil companies and weapons manufacturers. They create new wars, so that unsuspecting Third World regimes can kill each other off using American weapons, and so that Americans can keep their gas-guzzling SUVs filled up.

A nation that truly believes in a culture of life will take far more interest in the well-being of people already born and living, respect the environment, and be a leading global citizen that can extend help to those nations in need. But the US, and its prevailing Christian theology, completely fail that criteria. There has never been a worse culture of death than the America of George W. Bush, Pat Robertson, and their ilk.