16 February 2007

The "anti-Wal-Mart"

That's what MSN Money calls Costco.

Between its low margins, quality goods, generous employee compensation, and a CEO who only takes a six-figure income and asks only for one-year contract at a time (to hold himself to high operating standards), Costco has fierce member loyalty and stable income, and as a result, is a good bet for investing, according to this article.

To me, Costco is also proof that capitalism doesn't have to be all greedy and top-heavy. After all, I've repeatedly said, capitalism breaks down if the masses don't have enough wealth with which to participate in its processes and determine the all-important market forces.

Even though bulk buying is not my style, I have nevertheless enjoyed shopping at Costco, and I will continue to shop there for a long time to come.

MSN Money