07 February 2007

Support the Troops

As in, provide them with the best defensive equipment available, if they are to be put in harm's way, as in Iraq.

I just came across a diary at Daily Kos that shows that personal armor for American troops in Iraq are apparently being supplied with political paybacks, not safety, in mind. The diary claims that Dragon Skin, which is being supplied to the Secret Service, is superior to Interceptor currently supplied to the troops, and calls for a side-by-side test to settle the debate once and for all.

The problems are that Interceptor is being made by a heavy Republican donor, and that the government tester for Dragon Skin used to be the engineer for the Interceptor. Moreover, the troops are forbidden from wearing Dragon Skin, or any other non-Interceptor armor.

Thanks to Madame Defarge at Democracy Cell Project for sharing this.

Daily Kos