11 March 2007

Busy weekend

I had a busy yet wonderful weekend, attending the Gather the Women event in San Bernardino and visiting Las Vegas afterwards.

The Gather the Women event, featuring workshops and vendors, was organized by the Inland Empire group Women Creating Peace. I was able to meet with many different women, including a Mary Kay saleswoman advocating creation of the Department of Peace (we had quite a talk, given my own Mary Kay past), a universal healthcare activist, members of Riverside-based chapter of Women in Black, rei-ki masters, and many more.

I was especially happy to be able to work on my novel by doing relevant writing exercises with my writing mentor.

I tried to extend the womanhood theme by attending Girl Bar upon arrival in Las Vegas, but I was too tired to enjoy it, cutting my visit short. Nevertheless, I am rejuvenated from my packed weekend, and am ready to face the world again.