08 March 2007

Yellow Peril, revisited

Last December, I found a TruthOut article on the Moonies - if I remember correctly, on a tip from another site. It was such a disgusting reading material that even though I made sure to share it with peace activist Medea Benjamin, I didn't get to read it in depth myself until now. And as I see it, the web of influence goes well beyond Moon.

TruthOut article

It appears that much of the initial influence for Moon was made possible by South Korea's government, specifically the Korean Central Intelligence Agency (KCIA) led by prominent right-wing politician Kim Jong-pil. Kim, of course, was also the prime minister under president Park Chung-hee, a 18-year fascist dictator widely credited with industrializing the South Korean economy (though on his terms, not on the businesses' or the laborers'). As the US tried to withdraw from the Vietnam quagmire, the South Korean government feared a similar ending for itself in case of another Korean War, so it tried to influence US politics through Moon. Moon was convicted and jailed for tax fraud in the Jimmy Carter era, but under Reagan-Bush, he came back stronger than ever, launching the Washington Times.

South Korea was not alone. Other dealmakers included the government of Republic of China on Taiwan (Kuomintang, led by Chiang Kai-shek), which also was fearful of the Communists on mainland China. In addition, Kim Jong-pil was instrumental in getting the Japanese mafia - yakuza - involved. Other players in this setup include various racists and Holocaust deniers (Moon himself is a Holocaust denier, if I remember correctly).

One thing that assured Moon's free pass was his status as the leader of a "religious organization" - enjoying many protections and freedoms under the US Constitution's First Amendment. In addition, Richard Nixon gave Moon freebie permanent residency in the US, allowing him to function much more freely than a visitor could. Moon eventually used his US operations as the base to further expand his influence, interfering in politics of Latin American nations. It is alleged that much of Moon's deep pockets results from the multi-step money laundering done through Latin American drug trade and Japanese yakuza operations.

Moon's deep pockets were instrumental also in ensuring the survival of Jerry Falwell's Liberty University, and in continuing to run the Washington Times, successfully smearing centrist and liberal politicians and even casting doubt on the mental capacity of Al Gore.

One thing that must be noticed: Moon loves America when it is in Republican hands, and loathes it when it is in Democratic hands. During the Clinton era, Moon was sharply critical of American individualism and freedoms. This shows Moon's true colors as a backward Korean patriarch who thrives on conformity and uniformity. He is the true enemy of American ideals.

Sometimes, because of all the sweetheart no-bid contracts, Halliburton seems to be a subsidiary of the government of the United States (or vice versa). But after a close examination of the Unification Church, I have concluded that the US government, Halliburton, the Republican Party, the South Korean government (and the Grand National Party), the Taiwanese government (and the Kuomintang), Japanese yakuza, and Latin American drug lords, all are mere puppets of the Unification Church. They all are the enemies of the people of the nations involved, especially those who are women, LGBT, or love their freedoms.

There is one way to fight back. The Moonie puppet political parties can, and must, be voted out of power, in all these nations. While the US is seeing a failure of neoconservative ideals (so well championed by Moon) and is ripe for a swing back to a Democratic rule, things look much bleaker in South Korea and Taiwan, where between right-wing media and incompetent left-wing politicians, the voters are set to vote the Moonies back into power.

I am also for rescinding the proclamation of January 13th of every year as the "Korean-American Day." Given that the day - the only one of its kind for any ethnic minority in the US - really seems to celebrate the Moonies' influence in US politics, it is unconscionable to keep celebrating it.

The conservatives whine about the Muslims' destruction of European democracies and freedoms. They better look in the mirror for a similar Christian destruction going on in America - thanks to their Moonie buddies.