02 March 2007

Florida city official fired

For attempting to transition on the job.

"If Jesus was here tonight, I can guarantee you he’d want him terminated."

While many spoke in defense of Largo city manager Steve Stanton (soon to be Susan), many others used mean-spirited Christian diatribes to get him dismissed. The city's mayor and the lone African-American city commissioner voted to keep him, while their five colleagues voted to fire him.

I will never forgive the state of Florida and its Christian death cult, for bringing to the rest of the nation the 2000 presidential race fiasco, the reactionary Cuban McCarthyism, Jeb Bush, Katherine Harris, intolerance, and more. I have never set foot in Florida, a state that has been making transgender lives miserable by denying recognition of the most basic rights, and I will never visit Florida for the rest of my life. In fact, when global warming raises sea levels and floods most of the state, all I can say will be "good riddance from your hate-filled God."

And doesn't Mann Coulter have a residence in Florida? Why don't we fire THAT sodomite instead?

(Though, I must admit, Southern California, with its Korean and Vietnamese McCarthyism and shared Disney dominance, not to mention Ronald Reagan and Arnold Schwarzenegger, is not much of an improvement.)