01 March 2007

"That's so gay"

It's a phrase commonly used by teens, sometimes in a homophobic context, sometimes not. People are doing a lot to put this phrase out of taste, however.

But I never thought this phrase could trigger a lawsuit. In Santa Rosa, a Mormon teenage girl was reprimanded by her school for saying "that's so gay," and her parents sued the school. The parents are charging that the school did nothing to block the anti-Mormon taunts that the girl had to endure, and that the girl did not say the phrase in a homophobic context.

I am hardly sympathetic. Just like the words "nigger" and "spic" are never in good taste, the phrase "that's so gay" can and does hurt, and unsuspecting teens need to be taught its ramifications. Moreover, why are the Mormons asking for protection of their prejudices, after spearheading the successful 2000 drive to ban gay marriages in California?