09 April 2007

Apple sells 100 millionth iPod

I've had an iPod for a year and a half, and enjoyed taking it along many of my trips. And it was a gateway for me to get used to Apple products, and eventually buy a Macintosh as my home computer.

And today, Apple sold its 100 millionth iPod, 5 1/2 years after selling the first one.

Compared to the first iPod, which could only play a few hundred songs and last a few hours per charge, today's models are amazing - tens of thousands of songs (or movies, photos, or even games) in a package that can keep going for 24 hours before recharge. And there are the smaller iPods, including the newest colorful Nano versions, which sacrifice some capacity (but nevertheless are very capacious) for more style and reliability (using solid state memory instead of a hard disk). In fact, I would love a Nano myself - but for now, I'll make do with my old one.

Analysts are saying that iPod redefined the music industry paradigm, and gave Apple a new lease on life. I believe it.