15 May 2007

A study on LGBT Asian-Americans and Pacific Islanders

I was one of the 800+ or so people who participated in this study by the Task Force, which just came out today.

The findings are not very surprising to me. There is a lot of homophobia in Asian communities, a lot of racism in white LGBT community, and a severe urgency for spreading LGBT-positive information through Asian organizations.

Based on the frequency of harassment and other negative experiences, it appears that the Korean and Vietnamese communities are the most homophobic, which matches my own experience and observations. (I did identify as Korean-Chinese for the purposes of this survey, so my own experiences did count toward the Korean total.) The death grips on these communities, by conservative politicians, ideologies, and death cults, must stop.

There are many good suggestions being made in this study, both for white LGBT groups and for Asian-American groups. I hope these groups will listen.

One thing I couldn't find: the preponderance of "tranny dykes" among Asian-Americans. My imperial observation has been that "tranny dykes," like me, are much rarer among heteronormative Asian cultures than among whites, but possibly due to small sample sizes, the researchers may not have come to a conclusive result on this.

The Task Force