15 May 2007

Airline customer service fails

I've suspected of this all along.

Airlines were getting a bad rap, and justifiably so, at the turn of the millennium. But as other industries, including energy, started fleecing Americans more, and airlines started going bankrupt, people became more sympathetic.

Most airlines are now out of bankruptcy (though Northwest is still Chapter 11), but the cuts they had made in service (both quantity and quality), combined with surging passenger loads, are making for miserable flying experiences once again.

According to the MSNBC article below, the four largest airlines in the US are the four worst offenders. The worst is United. Southwest and Continental are the only two airlines improving their services at this moment.

I'm flying to Chicago on United next week. I better hope for the best, but prepare for anything. I do know that my flights are packed to the limit, and some of my fellow passengers will definitely get stressed out.