11 June 2007

From a fellow blogger

Christy Cole hails from Louisiana, and I've known her through Democracy Cell Project for a few years now. She introduced me to blogging, and we also used to work together on another blog, named ReBelle Nation.

A tragedy had struck her family in 1983, when her aunt Faye Aline Self went missing - and was never found. The corruption of her parish was so great, that the investigation of Aline's disappearance/murder has been at a standstill. Only now, and only due to a determined sheriff, are the facts starting to be revealed - devastating Christy and her family over and over again. So far, two unrelated men have confessed to Aline's murder (and up to 30 others), and nobody knows which man is speaking the truth, if at all...

Below is a blog set up in memory of Aline.

Forever Faye