08 June 2007

California Democrats out of touch again

I've been complaining about the California Democrats for months now. They have taken their razor-thin lead for granted, completely conceding Southern California suburbs, the small businesses, the motorists, and the sportsmen to the reactionary state Republicans. (And I am definitely the first three demographics.) And they are very close to conceding the conservative immigrants too.

Now, in a move that shows how out of touch they are with the average Californian, they have rammed a low-priority but highly intrusive legislation through the state Assembly. This new legislation will require all dogs and cats to be neutered or spayed. Noncompliance will cost $500. Exceptions will be made for breeders, of course.

While pet overpopulation is a serious issue, there are far more serious issues, involving the PEOPLE - yes, human beings - of California. Better education systems are needed, housing problems need resolution, and businesses need more incentives to function in California. But a small band of NorCal ideologues couldn't care less.

A more voluntary approach would've been a much better solution in this specific case, in any case.

No wonder the state Democrats are under siege - from the Greens in NorCal, and from the Republicans, American Independents, and other right-wing parties in SoCal. I'm sorry, but I am with the hated Republicans on this one.