23 July 2007

Party Affiliation Change

I am still fed up with the California Democratic Party leaving my district out in the cold, and passing ideological legislations that have little to do with my everyday life. I am especially fed up with its utter disregard for issues that affect businesses, suburbanites, motorists, and sportsmen.

These were the reasons that had driven me to independent status.

I am about to reverse the decision, however. While Hillary will make a better president than any Republican candidate out there, her wishy-washy poll-watching politics, reminiscent of disgraced former California governor Gray Davis, say nothing about her character, and she's as unelectable as ever. To ensure that Hillary will not be the Democratic nominee, I will return to the Democratic fold, if only to support another candidate in the presidential primary.

I will submit my re-registration when I move to a different neighborhood later this year. Besides, I expect the Dems to be actually relevant in my new area.

The Democrats still have lots of problems. I am offering my support - with my nose plugged, an expression fellow blogger DiAnne Grieser of Seattle likes to use often (to describe her sometimes reluctant support of Democrats). However, I would like to ensure that neither Giuliani, Romney, nor McCain will succeed the disaster that was the W presidency.

It's also easier meeting people within a partisan framework, such as Progressive Democrats of America and Daily Kos, even as I continue to work with nonpartisan progressive organizations such as Democracy Cell Project and CodePink (even these nonpartisan venues are mostly Democratic in makeup, anyway). The new friendships I will make are something I look forward to.