27 August 2007

Swallowing my pride again

Once, BART ran anti-choice ads in its commuter trains, and I vowed to avoid BART on my next Bay Area trip. Then the reality of high fuel prices and parking wars hit, and I ended up riding BART.

Now, as my long weekend nears, I may have to break another vow, and take my BMW to the Bay Area. Although the highlight of my trip will be in the far north of California among the redwoods, I will stop in the Bay Area for the Sausalito Art Festival and a special Da Vinci exhibition. I'll also visit a few novel sites again. The decision is being made, because my Honda Accord's transmission is acting up. (Besides, the Accord is titled to my father, who would rather have me save the car for work-related duties, whereas the BMW is completely mine.)

I do hope for a smooth journey, even though the Bay Bridge's complete closure during my stay will mean some headaches as I visit various locales in the Bay Area.