27 August 2007

Odds and Ends

Good news today - the torture czar, Attorney General Alberto Gonzales, is gone. Even then, Gonzales is being spun as an immigrant success story, which disgusts me greatly.

On the subject of reactionary immigrant Republican whores, W recently compared the Iraq War to the Korean and Vietnam Wars, calling it a struggle for freedom of a nation. Empty rhetorics can only say so much - W has destroyed many cherished American freedoms, and it bears remembering that South Korea AND South Vietnam were dictatorships that happened to be fighting commies, not democracies in their own right. South Korea's democratization, in fact, happened despite American prop-up of its fascist dictators (and massive admittance of the fascist supporters into the US when the fascism finally crumbled).

Besides, W never believed in nation-building, accusing the Clinton administration of overextending American troops in Somalia and the Balkans; nation-building became his interest only after 9/11, a convenient excuse to be linked to his former buddy Saddam Hussein. Moreover, he turned from a small-government president to the leader of the largest expansion of US government in history.

Disgust is an understatement.