15 August 2007

What Your Car Says about Love

I found this match.com article very interesting, in the wake of the actions I've been taking re: my BMW.


Basically, I am sending mixed signals by driving a sensible sedan (a Honda Accord) and a luxury car (a BMW, though not a 7-series).

It looks like I should be driving a Toyota Prius, however, based on what this article says. Prius and other hybrid car drivers are more likely to be ideological, and more likely to meet mates at a political rally or convention. I think that pretty much describes me, especially since there is no way I will be dating anyone of a different political persuasion.

Of course, I'll never drive a Prius - Toyota is too evil a company. But I could probably switch to a Honda Civic Hybrid, like some peace activists I know (though I will get lots of strange looks, for taking that huge "downgrade" from a BMW).