17 September 2007

Hillary's Universal Healthcare Plan

It's out today. Meanwhile, her chief rivals have had it out for a while already.

Hillary's proposal requires everyone to carry health insurance, and it will be subsidized through tax credits. Businesses will also be required to offer health insurance, or pay into a government pool; they will also be given tax credits to help make this happen.

For people lacking employer coverage, Hillary proposes that they will be able to join either Medicare or the current healthcare plan for federal employees. No new bureaucracy will be created.

For me, this works out rather well - I would love to have even the bare-bones Medicare coverage. And while I haven't studied the Edwards or Obama plans, I am sure that they will also work out better than anything the Republicans have to offer, which will continue to leave me out. There is one question, however: what will be done to curb the soaring insurance rates for the insured? The truth is that with the market rigged, rates are soaring to a point where existing insureds are losing their coverage.

I won't consider the healthcare mess in the US resolved until the costs are contained, but this is a starting point, with the government insurer picking up where the private sector fails, much like the workers compensation world in most states.