24 September 2007

Iranian president visits Columbia University

Columbia University, being the most reactionary Ivy League member as I know it, today brought in President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad of Iran for a conference. While it was billed as an opportunity to listen to a foreign leader first-hand, it ended up only giving a platform of hate.

Ahmadinejad stuck to his program of denying the Holocaust, calling it an excuse made up by Israel to justify Palestinian oppression.

He also claimed that there are no homosexuals in Iran, lowering himself to the level of Chairman Mao during China's Cultural Revolution - or today's Korean-American church preachers.

The response from W was classic: America is great because even lunatics like Ahmadinejad get a platform to speak on. Indeed America is great - because even lunatics like W, who shares much of the Ahmadinejad agenda, can occupy the White House.