20 September 2007

Racism in the Deep South

Today, there was a major protest in the town of Jena in Louisiana, in support of six black teenagers, who had been charged with attacking white teens. The white teens, in turn, had hung nooses from a whites-only tree and taunted black teens, when one black teen had dared to sit under that tree.

This is the biggest news items all day today. And unlike the unreported, "silent" war protests of this past weekend in DC, today's protests got the wide coverage they deserved.

Fellow blogger (and this blog's godmother) Christy Cole, who lives near Shreveport and is white, tells me that hatred of blacks is in the extreme. She has banned many relatives from ever visiting her, over the remarks they had made regarding Christy's couch, which blacks and Latinos had sat in.

Race tensions are not just a Louisiana issue. They are pretty bad in Southern California too, between immigrants and natives, and surprisingly (for white liberals anyway), between different immigrant demographics. I've always believed, and still believe, that it's the race tensions that will bring the American society down, especially as the former Dixiecrats who now make up the bulk of the Republican Party continue to exploit them.